<![CDATA[Connect with our Spiritual Community - Blog]]>Tue, 27 Jun 2017 17:16:32 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Happy Holy days and New Year!!]]>Mon, 21 Dec 2015 20:13:18 GMThttp://spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com/blog/happy-holy-days-and-new-yearHello friends,
It has been a few months since I have written and I have had so much on many levels.  I know that sounds cliche but may I assure you it has been one heck of a trip.  I have had some health issues come about that I have been diligently working on from physical and non-physical. 

Our planet has been shifting for some time but recently it has hit that tipping point where many people are coming to find that there is something to all this and the practitioners of SCN have been quite busy supporting and guiding.
For those who have been practicing their Spirituality, theses past few months have been a time of clearing out of old energies that have laid dormant for a long time.  These new frequencies of the planet can no longer allow those vibrations for those who are doing planetary and universal work.  
As we have moved through those cleansing, if you will, you have discovered that your work is transforming as well.  We need to support and guide in new ways those who are arcing so quickly.  What took some of us years to learn, is being 'mastered' quickly by our students.
That is where I find myself now.  2016 will hold new adventures for me in the SCN work.  So please sign up for the newsletter to stay current on what will be coming along.  The newsletter will be one of many things that will be changed up to better support all of you.
My daily emails will be changed up as well.  The messages will not be daily and will be incorporated into the newsletter.  
Here is something I want to share with those who are faced with making some rather big and daunting changes.  For me, the daily emails have been a source of comfort for almost 7 yrs now.  They have shifted and changed.  The messages channeled from Spirit always lifting me up and guiding me and those who read them as well.  (So I am told. LOL)
During my morning practice and while working on the messages I could feel that there would be a change again.  Then with the health thingy, it became very apparent that yes this was going to change.  I started to blog more instead of the usual messages and then Spirit cut it off.  Not the channeling but my ability to access my computer to get them out.  First I couldn't get onto Constant Contact, then the computer just wouldn't fire up.  Then my mornings would explode with all types of activity if I even thought about working on the daily messages.  Even just to let everyone know I was okay and that things were changing.  
It became very obvious that this work had ended.  I sat with this in meditation asking Spirit why.  WHY??  I love this work.  Spirit spoke back with, "Why can't you let this go?"  They are the masters aren't they.  I sat with that question and found that I was back to that people pleasing part of me, not wanting let people down.  But there was another part of it as well.  Like I mentioned, I got so much inspiration for myself from those words as I put them to paper and revisited with them and put them into practice each day.  What would happen if I didn't have that everyday?  Would I lose that connection?  Would I forget to do the work?  I was fearful of losing all that I had accomplished and still receiving daily.  So I sat with my fears and asked for guidance and felt the reassurance that all would be well and that as I close this chapter, a new one would begin and bring so much more to me in terms of Spiritual growth.  
And with that I look to what lays ahead in 2016.  It will be very new and Spirit must feel I am ready.  My Soul essence is excited and ready to begin.  Gwen is a little nervous.
Happy Holy Days and New Year. 
much love and abundance to all of you.]]>
<![CDATA[Universal Winks]]>Tue, 01 Sep 2015 13:48:31 GMThttp://spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com/blog/universal-winksSometimes during my morning practice, I am inspired to share the message.  Some messages are too big to fit into one of my morning Insights.  There is too much depth to the message.  Not quite feeling guided to have a class per se on it but taking some time to elaborate more fully on a topic.  Today's topic is Universal Winks.

Let me start with a little unfolding of this most recent one.  A couple of days ago the movie, Paint Your Wagon was on TV.  I mentioned it to my daughter as it is one of the films that was on Welcome to the Basement (a YouTube program we follow).  We decided to watch the movie.  Afterwards, we were feeling the need to revisit with the episode that went with it from Welcome to the Basement.  Note that this is the 5th episode which was maybe 2 yrs ago.  Our basement boys talked about how Lee Marvin recieved a gold record for the song, Born Under a Wandering Star ( I believe that is the title).  The next day my daughter comes running into the room yelling, "You are not going to believe this.  Come here and see what is on TV."  She turns on a commercial for Amazon and the song track they are using is, yeah you guessed it.  Lee Marvin's Born Under a Wandering Star.  Way too funny you may say.  (as my daughter thought), don't see the significance in this (my husband) but for those who know me.  Huge *ss Universal Wink.  

So what is a Universal Wink?  It is when Spirit sends to you the confirmation that, yes you are this powerful of a creator.  Now most folks won't go there with me.  They do not want to even start to peel away the layer of illusion that hides their natural ability to create their experiences.  Each person has their reasons and that is okay.  But for those of you who do hear what I am saying and want to delve a little further down the rabbit hole or want to remember more thoroughly this lesson.  Here we go.

Yes Universal Winks are reminders of your ability to create in your experience.  You notice them because they happen so quickly that you really can't miss them.  They stop your mind in its tracks causing you to pause.  Some little thing you barely gave any real attention to comes popping up in front of you and tweaks your nose.  Notice that it is always something you barely gave attention to.  This is important to remember.  You know that big stuff you give your full attention to and can't seem to budge.  Well, once you get the vibration of how creating a Universal Wink feels you will finesse those bigger projects as well.

How do you do this, you may ask.  Start to play with the creation process.  Just as a Universal Wink came from some little something that you barely gave thought to, you can start to play with other things and see if you can get them to show up just as easily.  Need some ideas on this?  How about having a friend call you?  Parking spaces are always fun to play with.  

As your confidence grows, you can begin to play with things like checks in the mail, a new client, a new friend or new car. 

You will find as you work on this, you will need to revisit with some limiting thoughts and beliefs that you hold on certain topics.  

But that is all part of the fun.
<![CDATA[Google or YouTube?]]>Wed, 29 Apr 2015 16:19:01 GMThttp://spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com/blog/google-or-youtubeI just may get this blogging thing yet.  Maybe not.  We will see right?
Well I have spent the last two days attempting to maneuver through the creating of a Google+ page and YouTube channel for the Spiritual Communities Network.  YIKES!!
I think I may have finessed it enough to make it come together.  As my teenage daughter tells me, your generation googles and mine YouTubes.  I guess I best nail both of these down for those of you who prefer to connect with your interests in that way.  
In fact, I have even put the links to both at the top of this page so you can go there and like, friend circle or whatever you call it.  LOL
It is my hope, as time goes on, you will be able to connect with our members there and discover what gifts they have for you.
The YouTube channel already has a few of our favorite channels there for you to visit.  
Hopefully not too far in the we will start working with the Google Hangout feature and it may replace our teleconference calls for the Teleclass Series.  I guess we will need to rename them the Hangout Series or something.  But that will be down the road a little ways.   Until then, play around on our website and social media pages to find what interests you.
Here's to the unlimited possibilities technology is unlocking for us all.
<![CDATA[Podcasts??]]>Tue, 21 Apr 2015 21:48:55 GMThttp://spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com/blog/podcastsI had lunch the other day with my girlfriend who was sharing with me her new found love.  Podcasts.  She loves to knit and I love to crochet and she found a plethora of podcasts on these from Ravelry.com groups.  She asked if I was familiar with what they were and I said I was.  So today, as I was working on different things for and about Spiritual Communities Network, I decided to revisit with the whole podcast thingy.  I have been playing with the idea of doing Google Hangouts and how they upload to Youtube and getting our channel up and running and thought hmmmmm.
I am not the greatest at blogging and not sure if I am doing it right anyway but I pop a note here from time to time for all who care.  But what of podcasts??  Maybe this is something I could play with.  Then it hit me...hey, wait a minute isn't that a lot like blogtalkradio.com?? Isn't that kind of like a podcast?  I did that for years.  It was fun.  It was interactive but it was usually just me shouting out to the airwaves about stuff.  
Well if that counts as a podcast maybe I should see if the old Blogtalk shows are around and if the player on the home page still works...I guess that is always a good thing, right?  And it was.  The player is up and running and pretty much all the shows are still there for your listening pleasure.  Funny thing about Spirit the topics are always current.  Pick one and it will be exactly what you need to hear right now.  Just like my daily insights that I send out.   Hmmmm are those like a blog.  Maybe I have been doing this stuff all along and just didn't know it.  Is this where I act the hipster and say, hey I was doing that stuff before it was cool???  LOL  shhhhhhh my daughter says to never say you are a hipster.  Heck listen to the podcasts/blogtalkshows and you will see that I say all kinds of things.  Sign up for the newsletter and click my daily Insights mailing list thingy to read my bI guess I will say this the audio is not the best with BTR so maybe I will revisit with this idea and get a better quality audio and post my "podcasts" on the website here.  Now I am just thinking out loud.  Thanks for listening in though.
<![CDATA[Happy New Year! ┬áLOL]]>Wed, 25 Mar 2015 13:42:08 GMThttp://spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com/blog/happy-new-year-lolYeah Happy New Year!  It is well underway and so much has been happening.  We will be moving into our new home soon.  Season here in Florida is drawing to a close and that means the Mystic Faire here in Naples.

I love everything about these events.  I get to hand out the brand new hot off the press Directories, talk about our great Spiritual Community, meet new people.

The bonus is I get to put faces with the names that I receive emails from.  For those who follow my daily insights emails, it is always so deeply moving to meet you and talk with you about what those words mean to you each day.  

I met so many wonderful people last weekend and I wanted to share that with you.   
I am very blessed.
I look forward to the faire in Sarasota this July 25 and 26.

<![CDATA[Look for the relief from the shift in perspective.]]>Mon, 08 Dec 2014 13:02:25 GMThttp://spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com/blog/look-for-the-relief-from-the-shift-in-perspectiveRecently I was visiting with a dear friend.  I was sharing how unusual it was for me to be hit by the flu, much less how harsh it was.  I explained how I looked to the Louise Hay book for guidance on this vibrationally and how it became apparent what was behind this but how it only opened the door to the work I had ahead of me.  We began to talk about the various tools one can use to shift the energy.  You know the usual.  Meditation, journaling, gratitude beads, affirmations, and so on.   All of which I had been playing with in an attempt to move the energy.  "To feel the relief that comes from the shift in perspective."  As I said those words and today reflected upon them, I wanted to share with you that very important step in all of this.

Ponder this.  Each of these tools are not an end in the process.  They are a means to an end and the end is the feeling of relief from where you are in your moment.  The process will be different each time.  Sometimes an affirmation will move the energy, sometimes meditation.  Another time it will be a combination of things.  The goal being "the relief from the shift in perspective".  The kicker on this is that only you will know when that happens and how the shift occurred.  

So as I am working through the various layers of the energetic I have at hand, I want you to consider that if you have not felt the relief from a shift in your perspective, try another tool or combination until you do.  Sometimes the energetic you are working on has many layers that need to be addressed.  Kind of like chiseling away at a piece of marble to create a work of art.  

Be kind to yourself.  Look for the relief.  Relax into the knowing that Spirit is there to guide you and support you.
<![CDATA[The holidays are here!! Hooray!]]>Mon, 01 Dec 2014 15:05:14 GMThttp://spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com/blog/the-holidays-are-here-hoorayand just like that the holidays are here.  The year flew by and that almost sounds cliche.  It was a year filled with so much growth on many levels for our family.  As we are moving into the holidays and year end, it is natural to reflect.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to begin this process.  Finding the things that warm our heart.  Moving from that place.  The holidays are more enjoyable when we remember to nourish our Selves and move from our Center.  We often attempt to be many things to many people and become overwhelmed and frustrated when we feel we have failed to create happiness for those around us.  But that happiness is something that can only be allowed by the person themselves.  You can not create it for them.  You can only create it for yourself and in so doing allow others the possibility of the same.  Find your Center and move from peace this season.
Thank you so much to our practitioners who came together for our very first conference.  I look forward to next year and what each of you have to offer those who visit our website, calendars, classes and events.
Thank you to all of you who stopped by the table at the Naples Mystic Faire last Saturday.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving members of our community.  Your hugs and kinds words remind me what this is all about.  Connections.  Creating a global net of love.  I am so happy to say that I am part of that and able to immerse myself in it with you.
Happiest of holidays friends.  May you find the many blessings that are there for you.
Gwen Peterson
Founder, Spiritual Communities Network
<![CDATA[Painstaking]]>Tue, 23 Sep 2014 13:18:18 GMThttp://spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com/blog/painstakingThis morning as I sat quieting my mind and allowing Spirit to expand within me, I felt the need to journal.  I haven't done that in a little while and I began with my gratitude for all the guidance and support I receive from my Angels and Masters, those known to me and not.  I reflected on recent events.  In my mind's eye, I could see a foundation and on it the first row of blocks laid out.  I could feel the expansiveness of this new foundation.  The blocks a single row and very firm in their positioning.  I could hear the word painstaking.  No, I must have heard that wrong.  Yes, these past couple of years have been rough but that has led to this new more expansive foundation I was looking at.  But really??  Was the actually building on that going to be painstaking??  The word painstaking came back.  I was confused as Spirit is always uplifting in its guidance and why such a harsh word to represent the things to come.  

So I looked this blasted word up.  Definition: done with great care and thoroughness.

Ahhhh.  That I could feel resonating in my heart.  The new structure being built would be done with great care and thoroughness.  I could feel the perfection.  No hurrying in this.  Each new block laid will be done with care and thoroughness.  

Hey, I am good with that!! 
<![CDATA[Reflections from the weekend]]>Mon, 28 Jul 2014 12:38:17 GMThttp://spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com/blog/reflections-from-the-weekendHere I sit in the afterglow of the 2 days in Sarasota at the Mystic Faire.  During this mornings meditation, I reflected on the event and the many people I was blessed to meet.  I thank each and everyone of you who stopped by the table to say hi.  So many of you had stories to share.  Some of you stopped to thank me for the work the Spiritual Communities Network has done in offering a way for them to connect to like-minded people, classes and rediscover their lives.  Some seemed really surprised to see "Gwen Peterson"  sitting behind the table and meeting folks.  That always surprises me on many levels and causes me to reflect.  All of it does.  The one thing that really stood out the most this time around was the number of people who stopped to say they were members of the Spiritual Community.  At first I was nervous that I had somehow forgotten a Network practitioner, but then I realized that they were referring to the Spiritual Community/community calendars.  Whew!  So as those moments came back to me, I began to see what was being presented to me.  Something I had missed in the moment but now brought tears to my eyes............They saw themselves as part of the Spiritual Community.  They too were forming the core of this expanded consciousness.  While I have been so focused on the community consciousness of the practitioners, those we were serving were coming to see themselves as part of that same community.  Silly Gwen.
<![CDATA[Learning to blog]]>Wed, 09 Jul 2014 23:14:15 GMThttp://spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com/blog/learning-to-blogHi there!  
However you came to find this page.........welcome!
Some time has passed since I last wrote here.  Too much time maybe.  But you have all been keeping me pretty busy.  Thank you.  I have been contacted by practitioners interested in what we have to offer and seekers reaching out with questions and suggestions.  I have had such wonderful words of love and support sent to me.  Some who have been long time fans of this work have given me smiles of how they are finding answers and learning to love life again.  
I recently started to get blogs from some folks that are so talented.  Their blogs have inspired me to be a better communicator with you.  I make no promises but I will see if I can't pop in on this page a little more often to share with you our journey together.  I think that is key to what this blog will be.  Me sharing our journey.  No personal stuff or names and things like that but some of the beautifulness that I have received from you as a result of this work.  
One such for instance that comes to mind is the kindness from someone who discovered that I live in the same town as them.  They asked me to lunch to just connect.  I think they may have wondered if I am a real person or walk the talk.  LOL  Yeah I am as crazy as I sound in my daily Insight emails, blogtalkradio program, teleclasses, and..............  
Now that I am starting up teleconference classes, I am so excited to connect in yet another way with you.  If you could only know how inspiring each of you are to me.  If it were not for your love of sharing and being who you are, there would really be no reason to do this work.  
sending a little of your love back to you but keeping a lot of it for myself to bask in.  It feels great.  thanks bunches