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Spiritual Communities Network's (SCN) membership is made up of small and medium sized spirit based businesses.  SCN membership is supported through monthly business strategy meetings focused on the goals of business and learning to build brand awareness.  Our membership grows their client base of spiritual seekers through our monthly newsletter, social media platforms and Community Education Program.  SCN supports its members from whatever their starting point and level of readiness is.  This program is for those who are willing to play the long game when it comes to their work.  No short cuts here.

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Monthly subscription for one year 
SCN Basic Membership.
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Basic Annual Membership


Save over 25% off of the monthly subscription rate.
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Save over 25% off of the monthly subscription rate.
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Membership renews on your SCN anniversary month.

Ultra Annual Membership


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+Premium Membership Benefits
+SCN posts events on calendars
+SCN creates graphics for your events
Limitations apply

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Followers each month connecting with SCN for classes, events, products and services 


Newsletters a year 


 Business meetings a year to help you grow your business


Social media platforms

What are our members saying about SCN?

Things are finally rolling! Your assistance has been immeasurable! Thank you.
John Maerz, Esoteric Pathways

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for encouraging me to be a part of the community.  I can't tell you how much it has improved my business income.  It paid for itself the first couple of weeks.  So many people are finding me that wouldn't have otherwise.  It has been my best year financially yet! So glad to be a part of the community.
Past member

I am so impressed with Spiritual Communities Network it is easy to use and so professional. I did a presentation online and in less than a week people have purchased additional services directly through my website. Thank you SCN for helping me to reach more people and grow my spiritual business!
Love and Light,
Michelle Love, Light The Way Center for Spiritual Studies

I came to know about Gwen Peterson and her Spiritual Communities Network back in 2016 when she offered me a wonderful endorsement for my very first spiritual novel! I signed up to become a member shortly after that and have been one ever since. Gwen has established a large variety of spiritual teachers, healers, mediums, health workers, and metaphysicians, in addition to her own classes and webinars that Gwen features through her Spiritual Communities Network website. What I love and admire about Gwen is how supportive and down-to-earth and real she is! She is the real thing!
Steven Howard, Steven Howard Creations

I've been wanting to let you know that an unpublicized benefit of being part of SCN is having you push me. Ha ha. I hate marketing and am not good on doing it on a regular basis. But you have a schedule, and keep reminding us to stick to it. And so that motivates me to actually get stuff done. And I'm finding I really appreciate that. So thank you so much!
Kandice Den,  Be the Light Coaching

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