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Unleash Your Playful Soul

There are certain rules in life that apply to everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from. These universal rules can help us make better choices and live more fulfilling lives.

The Darien Chronicles
Part One

Circumstances bring Darien, a four-year old boy, into a working-class family that includes an older boy whose friend causes Darien to question himself and shakes his very foundation as a boy wanting, desperately, to become a man.

The Darien Chronicles
Part Two

Take this continued journey with Darien, an eighteen-year old, as he breaks away from the restrictions of family and steps onto a path shaped by his past, one that leads him down into very dark places as he struggles to both hide from himself and find himself.

The Darien Chronicles
Part Three

Darien must face buried fears and defy his need for alcohol and drugs to mask those fears.  He transforms as he aligns his life with his true identity and fulfills his soul’s purpose, even beyond this earthly realm.

Finding Inner Peace

 This booklet explores the phenomenon of peace, how it can be defined, how it feels and expresses itself in our lives, and what seems to cause us to lose touch with it.

What's Your Story

This booklet offers the reader the opportunity to examine his/her own life story via a series of written exercises in a manner that avoids judgment and allows for an objective examination of some of the limiting beliefs that play out in life unconsciously.

Embracing Change

This book sheds some light on what the blocks and obstacles to change are and offers insight, practical steps to take, and written exercises for the reader to complete.

Silly Me

This book offers a fresh, new path to understanding how judgment stands in the way of our fully and joyfully loving ourselves and others, warts and all!


If you have old dreams that are collecting dust in the recesses of your mind which have left you wishing you could turn them from “pipe dreams” into a reality, then this book for you.

Living in the Moment

Living in the Moment offers insights and easy-to-follow steps to recognize whether one is living in “the present moment” or actually stuck in the past or future.

A Primer for the Seven Rays & the Work of Alice Bailey 

 A complete compendium of the planets, signs & house meanings, Moon phases & nodes, major & minor aspects, with a cookbook style Seven Rays applications by house & sign.

TAROT: The Astrological Layout

Combines the tarot cards & the houses in astrology. Separates areas of life into 12 compartments. Find family members easily. Includes numerological meanings. Uses layers for timing.

Life’s Mirror of Vibration

Enjoy a straight-forward, down to earth integration of our birthdate, name & timing to give a quick but thorough understanding of the people we encounter in our everyday lives.