Community Classroom

Each month we invite one of our members into the classroom to share with you their specialty for 30 min.  
It is always free, live and online.  Just RSVP and you will receive the link to join us on zoom and a reminder email the day of.

Your Body Doesn't lie!! 
with Heather Phillips

Free. Live. Online.
September 17 at 7 pm

Have you ever wondered if you could get real time and accurate answers to questions like: Why can’t I sit up straight? What is my bad posture trying to tell me? Is this food good for me? Is this supplement providing me with the nutrients I need right now? What am I reacting too? Why do I have pain? How do I get my shoulders even again? During “Your Body Doesn’t Lie” zoom classroom talk we will explore the many ways your body talks to you and how you can start to get answers from you own body accurately. Do you think that would improve your life? I think so and it did for me.

STUCK? STRESSED? SEEKING HELP? Empower yourself with ThetaHealing®
with Valerie Johnston

A meditation technique that equips you with tools for increased mental, physical, and spiritual health.