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Welcome to Club Sparkle

Club Sparkle aspires to be a platform for you to open your horizons, explore new things, inspire to be healthier, attain financial independence and achieve your ideal lifestyle. Unveil a brighter person on the inside and out, and help shine that brightness onto others. All of Club Sparkle products are manufactured in the US. They are vegan, organic and contain the Ion5 trace minerals (the superpowers of minerals). To unify both women and men of all ages and different backgrounds to unleash their life’s potential which will make an inconceivable impact on people across the world... one spark at a time!

Kelly's Story

Could I Be A Super Hero?
As a baby boomer I'm happy to say I have an AMAZING life because of great supplementation over the past 20 years and a lot of gratitude. I'm pain free, prescription free, and I'm in my 60's with more energy than in my younger days.
How I Supplement Today?
I've eliminated all supplements in capsule or tablet form. Club Sparkle's multifunction products are liquid and powder, providing much better absorption than general store supplements. I add Ion5 drops into my protein shakes and can feel more benefits from the nutrient dense minerals within them. I even add the Ion5 drops to my water during the day so that while I eat my meals I can absorb them at a higher level. And we cant forget about morning juice... Nectura with some Everyoung and I feel more energized and alert without the jittery feeling of coffee.
My Superhero Results
I have so much more energy and mental clarity with all the amazing extra benefits that are absorbed. As a skin cancer survivor, who lost half of my nose, seeing suspect skin spots heal on their own in a matter of months was a miracle for me. After years of using the products, my dermatologist is beyond impressed that I've been able to stay skin cancer free.