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Conscious Shift Magazine represents an online community where new ideas are taking root for our changing world. We focus on exploring philosophies outside of the mainstream and presenting them in an intelligent, understandable manner. It is our goal to help cut through the hype and confusion while creating new ways to see…well, just about everything! At CSM we also take the “should” out of daily living by offering information that is balanced; to support you in the belief you can do anything you set your mind to. With an audience of over 85,000 people across 14 countries, our platform allows readers to navigate their own personal in-between. We do this by providing content for the enlightened and connecting like-minded products and services with like-minded clients. We look forward to Consciously Shifting with you. Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.

Conscious Shift Publishing

Our publishing and consulting services help writers promote their unique perspectives. Conscious Shift Publishing is passionate about helping writers self- or indie-publish, then reach their market; all while retaining 100% of their royalties and maintaining complete control. Owner and Founder, Tracey Kern: “The art of publishing has become a part of my soul. The longer I work in its various forms I realize it is a vehicle with which I can help people express their purpose. Sometimes it’s in the form of an article and sometimes it’s a full-blown book. Sometimes it’s about promoting a work philosophy or a series of events. And sometimes it’s to tell a life story.” The relationship created with written communication lets others understand our shared connections. It helps us to know we are not alone; we are all on a similar journey. Allow us to empower you with our brand of publishing.