Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spiritual Communities Network?

We are a group of Spiritual teachers, centers, leaders and more. Our members pay to use our platforms such as our Meetup calendars, Social Media, monthly newsletter and website. SCN is a forum for the promotion of services available. We do not guarantee any service or product of our members We also do not advocate the investment in any business venture.

What is the intention of SCN?

To support teachers and seekers of spiritual growth.

Is SCN local?

Our office is in Naples, Fl.  Our members are located around the world. Many do what is called distance work (by phone or online). Visit our members directory to learn more about our members.

How can I find classes and events in my area?

Our members classes and events are announded in our monthly newsletter, our social media pages and on our  Meetup groups.

What is

Meetup is a service used to organize online groups that host in-person events for people with similar interests.  SCN uses to post local classes and events.  Visit our Calendars page to see our current listing of meetup groups.

Do I have to RSVP?

Yes. Some classes and events have restrictions on size. Others require having supplies for each person. It may not be enough to RSVP on meetup. Read the description as some require registration through a particular website or center. Some may need to be prepaid to hold a space for say retreats.

Does it cost anything to go to classes or events?

Some classes and events do have a fee associated with them.  Please be sure to read the class descriptions to understand the cost and registration requirements.

How do I become a member of SCN?

If you are a teacher, center, Spiritual leader, etc., please visit our Become a member page to submit your application.

Are there Employment opportunities within SCN?

Yes. We are developing a leadership team, starting with Local Community Leaders.  Local Community Leaders will strengthen their local community through growing the Network membership, attending monthly networking meetings on zoom, helping our members utilize the various forums, suggest new forum opportunities for our members and being a liaison to the larger community. If you are interested in being a LCL in your area, please send an email of interest to [email protected]

Who is Gwen Peterson?

Gwen Peterson is the founder/creator of SCN. Starting on 11-11-11 as Spiritual Community of Naples and SCN has been growing ever since. Her intention is to draw to her other Spiritual Teachers/Leaders/Lightworkers who will help to anchor Spiritual Community Consciousness both locally and globally. In addition to SCN, Gwen is a mentor of Insights and Illuminations teaching how to Trust your Self and develop your dialogue with your Soul. This work is grounded from her Soul's drive to create support for teachers and seekers of Spiritual growth.

Still have questions?

Ask our founder, Gwen Peterson