Community Classroom

Each month we invite one of our members into the classroom to share with you their specialty for 30 min.  
Learn how to meditate, use crystals or essential oils.  Maybe a new healing modality has your interest.
It is always free, live and online.  Just RSVP and you will receive the link to join us on zoom and a reminder email the day of.

Self Healing is key to Self Love

With Shazna Jai

Learn the 3 basic elements of Self Healing to keep your divine connection and live in Ultimate Health.
Shazna's passionate mission is to have victory for the earth and humanity through the experience of consciousness, awakening, sustainability and sacred living. She is a Spiritual Mentor, Oneness Train

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May 13 classroom Self Healing is the Key to Self Love
May 27 classroom Intro to Essential Oil

Intro To Essential Oils

with Cecilia Comperatore

The How, When, Where and Why to Use Essential Oils! Learn the ins and outs of essential oil usage. Also included will be recipes for essential oils diffuser and roller ball blends.

Cecilia Comperatore is the owner of The Essential Toolbox and a licensed massage therapist. She is a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate and and loves to educate on the use of essential oils.

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Powerfully Manifesting the Life You Desire.

with Patti Wilson

As we think, so we attract. We all have limiting beliefs that create barriers to manifesting what we want in life. Through a guided meditation, learn to power up your manifestations by elevating your consciousness.

Patti Wilson is an intuitive counselor, Theta Healing(R) practitioner and trainer, and psychic medium. She uses her powerful spiritual gifts to offer a rapid healing and change process.

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June 17 class Powerfully Manifesting the Life You Desire
June 24 class Tune Up Your Vibrational And Frequency Wellness

Tune Up Your Vibrational & Frequency Wellness

with Kelly Rogers

With the assistance of my guides (angels, masters and galactics) I'll share easy tips on how to tune-up your frequency and vibrational essence. These will help us as we ease into oneness and the ascension process.
Kelly is a Shaman, Seer and Holistic Wellness Guide. In service, she has been asked to guide others along the ascension process. She works with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings.

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