Gallery Night

Each month we invite one of our intuitives to share with you their unique gifts in a group setting*.
From Psychics to Mediums, Tarot to Astrology, Aura and Chakra readings too. Gallery Night is a fun way to decide for yourself which intuitive resonates with you.
$10 per person

*Due to time constraints not all attendees will receive a reading.

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Return of the Oracle!

with John Maerz

It’s that time again! It’s time to look at where you are in the world. Was your last change good? Did it bring you what you wanted? There are always more opportunities on the horizon regardless of how many changes you make or miss. Join John and watch the sparks fly in a fun filled session giving you hope, inspiration and a time clock for what you’d like to set in motion. You may even hear something from the other side!

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Soul Map Energy Readings

With Dolores Gozzi

During your reading, which will reveal your own soul map, you will be guided to see the many life choices, and experiences that are before you with an honest and direct presentation of information, along with Dolores' mindful attention to detail, and kind manner of communicating the messages she receives from Spirit on your behalf in a way that you will not only understand them, but in a way that you will also receive them with an open heart.  Each session ends with Dolores' signature Rattle Blessing, and a special intention intuited just for you.

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