SCN Members Directory

Centers and Retreats

Some of our members are brick and mortar establishments. Spiritual Centers offering Reiki to psychic readers and intuitive development classes. In addition, they have stores filled with crystals, Tarot cards, jewelry, sage and so much more.

Counseling, Coaching & Psychotherapy

Do you feel you need a little one on one? Spiritual Coaches, Spiritual Counselors and Psychotherapists can be the answer. Schedule a time to talk with one of ours and see if there is a good fit, before you commit.

Holistic Educators

Here you will find a list of spiritual teachers working with the whole person, body, mind and soul.  They offer certifications in Theta Healing, Reiki, Intuitive Development and Soul Work. Visit this listing to find a spiritual guide that is right for you.

Magazines, Podcasts and Books

Looking to delve into spirituality on your own through books, magazines or podcasts?  This listing of members will get you started.


Meditation. Where to start? There are many kinds of meditations. Guided meditations, Transcendental, healing meditations, meditation with angels for sleep, anxiety. The list goes on and our members will help you learn about meditation and create your own personal meditation practice.

Metaphysical Fairs

Nothing is more fun than a fair. Everything you could want under one roof. Psychics, mediums, intuitives, crystals, sage, jewelry, clothing, energy healing, speakers and much more. Visit our listing of members who create these events to visit their websites for more information.

Products & Services

Essential Oils, Insight and oracle cards, books, jewelry, crystals, temporary tattoos and nutritional products a few of the products offered by our members. SCN does not endorse the use of any of these products. We ask that you do your due diligence to find out more before you purchase.

Psychics, Mediums & Intuitives

There is a difference between psychics and mediums. Intuitives have gifts that are unique to them. From Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and more. Visit our listing and see who resonates. Visit their website to learn more about their work.


Are you ready to begin your journey to wellness? You are probably asking how do I start a wellness journey. Our members can help you determine what is the best self care for you.

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