About MeWe Fairs and Laureli Shimayo

Fair Information
MeWe Fairs has been offering metaphysics and wellness events with a diverse array of practitioners and vendors to the intuitive community since 2014. We began in Portland, OR and now stretch across the globe. Our events are open and accessible, often with free admission. When there is a fee there is BIPOC pricing. We have many openings for new practitioners and vendors.

Intuitive Eye Readings & Body Psychology Coaching
Laureli Shimayo is a people scientist and an intuitive artist. She has certifications and training in biology, somatic psychotherapy, personality archetypes, body intelligence, intuition, relationship coaching, and leadership coaching. While Laureli is spacious and spiritual, she is also strategic and practical. She applies her work to identifying life purpose and career paths, writing resumes and hiring great employees, romantic matchmaking and conscious online dating. Laureli is a co-author of the book The Sweet Spot: Leveraging Your Talents in Leadership & Life and author of Eyes Are the Window to Your Soulmate, a Conscious Online Dating Guide. She also offers Authentic Relating events, teaches Body Psychology tools and runs the MeWe Metaphysical & Wellness Fairs for Energizing Body Mind Heart & Soul. Learn more and reach out at: LaureliShimayo.com ScheduleLaureli.com | free mini-session

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