Countdown to Spirit Con 2021

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Spiritual Communities Network is 10!!! 

We had an amazing time.  Mark your calendar for next year.

Special Happenings at Your Soul's Party
11 am - 1 pm eastern
Free. Live. Online. International.

We will host a party in the main room for fun conversation and games and such.  BUT WAIT!!!

We have three very special guests offering their own fun in their own rooms too.
This will be such a fun afternoon treat for you.  Register now so you don't miss it.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell Tink Lights up the room with Color!
Illumination is her game.
What Color is your Light? Tinker Bell's Mission is to wave her wand and Illuminate everyone's Soul Color. Celebrate with the Color of your Soul. Allow your Soul to Color your Path!

Reverend Michelle Love aka Tinker Bell is the founder of Light The Way a Center for Spiritual Studies in Naples, FL. Lighting The Way to The Soul through Spiritual Experiences as a Medium, Psychic and Spiritual Healer for over 25 years.

Soul Communication

 How to successfully connect to your soul to set intentions, heal, manifest, and learn. A sharing of deep esoteric knowledge. Live healing as a group, however, the healing will be individual for personal issues. Channeled messages from Spirit.

Paul Quinton is a teacher of transformation and esoteric knowledge, a healer, teacher, channel, and writer. He practices out of London; working internationally on skype. His work is to align humans with their souls and the spirit world.

Tune Up Your Soul

Come to the Party! I will be offering Intuitive Tune-Ups for Optimum Soul Expression using, tuning forks, Chimes, Vocal Expressions and Meditative Breath Work.

Denise Flood, creator of "Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life", inspires Soul work EFT (tapping), Meditation, and Essential Oils. Her CD called The Keys Vol. II - Meditations & Messages for Life's Most Challenging Times is available on Amazon.

What is Spirit Con?

More Than a Spiritual Fair

Every year on November 11th we celebrate our birthday with you.
What started out as Follow The Light Tour launching Spiritual Community of Naples has grown to a global event celebrating Spiritual Communities Network.
A unique theme is selected for what may seem to be a spiritual fair of sorts but really it is so much more.  This year we will turn your focus to The Belief In Healing.
We hope to share with you some insight on a topic from our experts. Each of our members bring a different view on our theme.  We have found this important to the many seekers who visit our pages, social media platforms and monthly newsletter in search of answers, new beginnings and support.
With Covid, we had to shift to an online forum and last year was well attended from all over the glove as we hosted an all day event featuring a different speaker on the hour.
This year we will hope to bring panels of speakers, breakout rooms to explore topics in more detail with specific speakers and a drawing for free gifts for those in attendance.
We are curating an amazing event for you.
Spirit Con is free to attend.
Save the date.

Why we celebrate?

Happy Birthday SCN!!!

Yes on November 11, 2011 we birthed our new community consciousness. 
A Spiritual Network of Spirituality.  A way for those awakening to spirituality a platform to explore their new found awareness.  Supported by our members who would lead them in support groups, meditation groups and more.  Uplifted by psychics and mediums aiding in the healing process of life.  Energy workers and healers and so much more.
So on our birthday we focus on a theme of spirituality and let our teachers share with you a deeper meaning of awareness.

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Gwen Peterson
Founder of Spiritual Communities Network
Mentor of Insights and Illuminations
Leader of Naples FemCity Collective
Featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine