Welcome to Metaphysical Fairs

Metaphysical, Mystical, Psychic. No matter the name, nothing is more fun than a fair! Everything you could want under one roof.  The energy is always so uplifting.

Psychics, mediums, Intuitives often offer reduced rates during fairs.  You can try out a number of specialties to find what fits.  Tarot, oracle, astrology, palm and numerology are some of the specialties you can find.

Crystals, essential oils, sage, jewelry, clothing are offered and the proprietors will be happy to explain how to use these items.

Energy healing and other body works can often be found at fairs too.

More and more fairs are featuring free talks by speakers during the fairs as well, making the fair an all day event.

Visit our listing of members who create these events and visit their websites for more information.

Some have an entrance fee and service and products do have costs.
Some are online, others are in person live events.

Mystic Faires

Candyce Strafford
Throughout Florida
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Founding Member

The Sanctuary for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Mary Ellen Popyk
Central Florida
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Member since 2019

Spirit Con

Held annually on November 11.  These are now virtual gatherings free to the public. 
Visit our page for more details.