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Metaphysical Center, Gift and Book store
8890 Salrose Lane, Suite 107 Ft. Myers, FL 33912
Phone: (239) 939-3339
8951 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 255 Bonita Springs, FL 34135
Phone:(239) 301-0655

The Mystical Moon is dedicated to bringing you highest conscious living and spiritual retail items to aid your spiritual and personal growth.

About Us

We also offer sessions with our professional psychic readers, energy healers, Reiki practitioners and spiritual directors. We invite you to explore the site and see all the services, products and classes available to help you on your spiritual journey. Visit one of our store locations: Ft. Myers, Florida and Bonita Springs, Florida!
The Mystical Moon offers a variety of services, classes, workshops and more. Here are just a few!
• Psychic Readings • Tarot Readings • Mediumship • Palm Readings • Astrology Readings • Dream Interpretation • Hypnosis • Past Life Regression • Reiki • Soul Retrieval • Pet Communication • Alchemical Healing • Life Coaching • Emotional Cord Removal Sessions • House Blessings • Aura Cleansings Discover more…

8890 Salrose Lane, Suite 107 Ft. Myers, FL 33912 Phone: (239) 939-3339
8951 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 255 Bonita Springs, FL 34135
Phone: (239) 301-0655

Meet our featured member

Originally from Queens/New Hyde Park in New York, Laurie Barraco relocated to Ft. Myers, Florida in 1990 and has called the area her home ever since. She and her husband Jim have been together since 1987 and have 2 children - Jimmy and Nicole. Through her family's support and love, she is able to dedicate her time and energy to providing a sanctuary for those seeking direction, support and healing. Her gifts as an intuitive and psychic have always been present, though she was not always practicing professional. For a time, Laurie was a teacher and a paralegal, which provided a certain amount of financial security, however, she was not fulfilled. She continued her personal spiritual journey by taking meditation and psychic development classes, expanding her skills and confidence in her abilities. Finally, she realized the professions she had chosen were not fulfilling the deeper calling of her soul. She decided to leave the security of her 9-5 position to explore jobs in the spiritual field. In less than a month, Laurie was hired to run the front desk of a metaphysical center in Bonita Springs. During the monthly Psychic Faires, she began to offer readings and before she knew it she was renting a reading room full time. In that process Laurie connected to her soul's purpose - to share her unique ability to connect to a client’s soul energy and relay the messages that followed. After a few years she was ready to take a huge leap of faith and open her own center. She wanted to build a place where people would be able to grow spiritually in a comfortable and safe space. The Mystical Moon, FT. Myers opened in 2007 in a modest space. After her first year in business, Laurie expanded into a space double the size and since then, the center has continued to grow. In 2015, Laurie expanded again and opened another center in Bonita Springs. Laurie continues to manage both centers with the help of a dedicated staff. Laurie says her private sessions are a potpourri and spirit is always in charge. She trusts spirit will dictate the type of session that is beneficial to the client, whether it is mediumship, tarot, channeling, past life and or all of the sessions mentioned. She treats the process sacredly and is deeply honored to be trusted by her many clients.